What music are YOU looking forward to?

Children 18:3 on the "Picket Fence Cartel tour" at the Alrosa Villa Oct. 2009 in Columbus, OH

I guess I thought I’d start by saying there’s a flurry of releases coming our way this summer I’m super stoked about. This will eat a significant chunk out of my wallet no doubt, but here’s a preview of what I personally have on my “to buy” list, in no particular order.

Haste the Day – Attack of the Wolf King

My Epic – Yet

House of Heroes – Suburba

Ivoryline – Vessels

Anberlin TBA (late July/Early August)

Children 18:3 – Rain’s A Comin’

So there you have it. I have a stack of albums I’d like to review as well, that I’ve been digesting over the past month or so. I might start with Sent By Ravens – Our Graceful Words. They’re a promising new Tooth and Nail band that…well, you’ll have to wait for the review!


2 Comments on “What music are YOU looking forward to?”

  1. Ed says:

    This made me look up what’s coming out 2010..
    kinda different from what you’re looking forward to, but I thought I’d just throw this in:

    Band Of Horses – Infinite Arms
    Ratatat – LP4
    Nada Surf – If I Had A Hi-Fi
    Foals – Total Life Forever
    Ozzy Osbourne – Scream
    Sting – Symphonicity

    And some various things I don’t know for sure about yet.. Belle & Sebastian, Death Cab for Cutie, Fleet Foxes, Royksopp

    yeah 🙂

  2. getterz says:

    Sweet! Jimmy Eat World has a new one coming out later this year as well. I’ve been meaning to check out Ratatat for awhile…and I have a feeling I might like Nada Surf as well. If you haven’t checked out these guys yet, look up Copeland and Deas Vail…the former just recently ended things as a band but I think they might be up your alley…Also check out mewithoutYou.

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