Concert Review: The Fold w/ Hear You Me @ Wheaton College, 4/30/10

Recently, the fine staff of Wheaton’s College Union (our student activities) hosted 2 bands as its last major event of the year. I showed up to help out with door ticket sales and noticed the bands gear laying around, sans 3/4 of the band. It turned out they had been working on a music video for “Neverender” earlier that day and were running late.  We eagerly awaited the masses…which never really showed up as we hoped, but a fun show still followed.

Hear You Me

A crowd of around 50-60 ended up gathering in Coray Gym for the show, but this crowd was quite spread out at first, giving one the semi-depressing feeling that opening act Hear You Me was playing to an empty room. Just from my observations, it seemed that much of the crowd was there to support Hear You Me, a band with roots in Naperville.  The band made the most of this aspect, enthusiastically playing a 45 minute set. Their songs all seemed to blend together, but this could have just stemmed from a lack of familiarity.  They seemed to have some influences from Jimmy Eat World, wondering if they were also the inspiration behind the band name.

After a brief set change The Fold (all had arrived) took the stage, with frontman Dan Castady urging the crowd to gather near the front. This definitely helped with the “emptiness” effect that Hear You Me suffered from earlier. Had the show been in a small club or bar instead of the gargantuan Coray Gym the crowd would not have been bad at all. To the credit of College Union, however they did their best with the space they had to give Coray Gym a club-like feel. But anyway, The Fold played a 40 minute set of cuts mostly from “This Too Shall Pass” and “Dear Future, Come Get Me”, the two albums bookending their discography.  They opened with the fun and catchy “Backseat Drivers” from their days on Tooth and Nail Records, which they referenced in some playful stage banter.

The Fold

Frontman Castady poked a little fun at Wheaton, saying “I hear you guys have some restrictions regarding dancing, so think about that during this next song” before launching into “Medicine”, the sole cut their sophomore record “Secrets Keep You Sick.” During “Neverender”, their current radio single a small mosh pit formed and the largest crowd response was during “Every Band in the USA”, a parody of a certain Miley Cyrus tune making fun of the American concert scene in general.

On the grand scheme of things, this concert probably ranked near the bottom in terms of the wow factor of shows I’ve attended but this is not to say that it was a bad show.  It was fun to see a moderately successful band in a more intimate, informal way that was not part of a tour, and I genuinely enjoyed myself. I got to chat with Dan Castady a bit after the show, who commented on my RadioU t-shirt and mentioned that the station was pressuring them to push out a new single since “Neverender” has been playing since October of last year. He said they were thinking maybe one of the slower songs from their newest album, though nothing is set in stone yet.

You can catch The Fold on a tour of the East Coast of the US over the next couple of weeks, so if you’re looking to enjoy some “high-energy pop-rock” (as they categorize themselves) in some more intimate venues head out to a show!

The Fold Setlist:

1. Backseat Drivers

2. File Under: Ground (Take Me In)t

3. Gravity

4. Red Wine

5. Medicine

6. New City

7. Neverender

8. Every Band in the USA


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