RED – Concert Review, The Attic – Dayton, OH

Its about time for another post…so here’s another concert review!

My plans to attend this show in Dayton materialized somewhat last minute for me, but I had the chance to meet up with a friend from Wheaton and the show wasn’t terribly far away so I figured I might as well go.

The night before, Red has played its last night opening for Skillet on the second leg of its “Awake and Alive” tour, and they got tapped to play a spot date in Dayton, OH before heading back home to Tennessee.  This was good news for RED fans in Ohio, as it meant they would get a longer set than more fans across the country had gotten in the past few weeks.

The Attic, upon first appearance is unassuming. Its located in a small strip mall, sharing a building with a large Big Lots and from the tile flooring and florescent bulbs still embedded in the ceiling its evident that at one point in time the venue was part of a larger warehouse type store. But now, its an outreach oriented youth club that has been grabbing some pretty sweet tours.

A trio of local openers played (for too long, in my opinion). The first group had a lead vocalist that apparently couldn’t decide whether to channel Ozzy Osbourne or Steven Tyler. Musically, they were solid, however.  This theme of musically tight bands with mediocre vocalists continued with a screamo and then a popcore band that seemed to be A Day to Remember wannabes. The latter brought out the moshers and hardcore dancers, making for an entertaining spectacle.

Shortly before 10 PM, Red made its entrance amid a frenzy of moshing, lasers, and strobes.  They opened with “Confession (What’s Inside My Head)”, with vocalist Mike Barnes commanding the crowd with his near spot-on vocals and piercing expressions to match the theme of the song. The crowd then bounced to the powerful “Shadows” which was followed by “Let Go” and “Already Over”.  A highlight of the set however was the worshipful “Pieces” which had several in the audience raising their hands, with some encouragement from the stage to do so.  There was an entertaining drum solo going along with a medley of more current pop and hip hop tunes. They closed their main set with “Death of Me” (which the band recently performed on the Dove Awards with Brian “Head” Welch guesting on guitar. With the inevitable encore, Red closed with the Duran Duran cover “Ordinary World” and “Breathe Into Me”, their breakout hit.

Overall, it was a solid concert. The opening bands left some things to be desired but the Red performance was close to flawless. The sound was mixed well (not always the case at shows I’ve been to, it’s very easy to take this for granted) and all the band members seemed to be enjoying themselves onstage. The crowd also added a lot to the show, with a sometimes violent circle pit surfacing even during Red’s set.  I might even go so far as to say this was the most into it I’ve seen a crowd except at the Underoath/August Burns Red/Emery show I saw last December.  Red may not the most innovative band, but they have their craft down and are worth checking out live. The crazy thing is I get to see them live again as support for Skillet at the Ichthus Festival in Wilmore, KY next month.

Set list

1. Confession (Inside My Head)

2. Shadows

3. Let Go

4. Already Over

5. Mystery of You

6. Never Be the Same

7. Pieces

8. Fight Inside

9. Drum Solo

10. Overtake You

11. Lost

12. Death of Me


13. Ordinary World

14. Breathe Into Me


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