Thinking about future careers…and the purpose of this blog

I’m at the point where it’s the summer before my senior year of college (yikes), the last true summer I’ll ever experience (double yikes) and the point in which I need to  start the job hunting preparation/process for post grad life (triple yikes). As of right now I have chosen actuarial science as my post-grad direction (the key word here).

Meanwhile I’ve been embellishing this music hobby…I’m not really a musical person, but I’m really into the industry! The Christian-Alternative market particularly finds favor with me because of the ministry aspect. But career wise my dream would be to somehow weld together my interest with my aptitude for statistical oriented math and my general tendency to absorb information and gauge patterns in general. So, possibly a future career in forecasting trends within the music industry? Does such a thing even exist? Not that I know of. But I have a long way to go before my entreprenurial skills are intact enough to even think about beginning to break into this.

So in the meantime, I have this blog to hone my skills as a music critic (I probably am too generous at the moment…I am easily pleased) and detail this journey, with little anecdotes on life and faith along the way (“In a man’s heart he plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps” – Prov. 16:9). I am certain that the idea to start down the path of actuarial science is from the Lord, and this idea even mirrors what a career guidance psychologist told me a few years ago, that it might be a good starting point but what I end up doing probably hasn’t been invented yet. Now, one could easily say I’m just taking what he said and conveniently attributing it to God, but why can’t I do that? God is sovereign. Besides, I had all but dismissed this guy’s idea for the better part of a year and a half and it wasn’t until mid January of this year that I feel God helped me to not be so intimidated by the actuarial exams. So, time will tell exactly how this all pans out…


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