Project 86/The Wedding, Columbus OH

On Friday, August 13th I attended a date on Project 86’s summer run with The Wedding at Columbus Ohio’s the Alrosa Villa (the venue where Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell and 3 others were infamously killed a few years ago). The Alrosa is definitely an interesting, mostly hosting acts that are blantantly anti-Christian at times. A sign at the bar reading “NO PISSING ON THE FLOOR – MGMT” and another sign at the sound booth reading “if you don’t like the way I mix, F*** OFF” greet visitors.

After 3 local bands, The Wedding took the stage after some appropriate Johnny Cash intro music with the rousing “Return” from their “The Sound, The Steel” EP. “Receive” and “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead” followed, much like their set at Ichthus Festival earlier in the summer. Vocalist Matt Shelton then introduced the first of 2 new songs from their upcoming “Distance” EP.  I think its a shame they’re only releasing an EP considering their last LP was back in 2007. The first song was titled “Heartbreak and Melody” and was typical fun, rockin’ Wedding fare. The second track was a bit slower but also continued in the style of what fans have heard from the “Polarity” record. Next, they played a cover of Beastie Boys’ “Fight For Your Right (To Party)” and ended their set with “Reveal”. All in all, a solid set. I wish they would have played more from “Polarity” though. The Beastie Boys cover was definitely a fun surprise. On a side note, a label really needs to get behind this band. They’ve been independent since Brave New World Records (also the former home of Deas Vail)

Project 86 took the stage with a lineup that was hardly Project, except that Andrew Schwab was still the lead vocalist. The live show still owned though, with the quartet kicking things off with “Sincerely, Ichabod” followed by old favorites “Safe Haven” and “Oblivion”. All of this the crowd seemed to enjoy, though I wished more people had showed up that evening to make the mosh pit more worthwhile. “Last Meal” from Truthless Heroes followed, it being the only unfamiliar song of the evening for me (but I of course looked it up when I arrived back home). “Evil” and “Illuminate” followed, and then Schwab announced that “Destroyer” would be their last song. Though I knew there would be an encore the set still seemed a bit short. When the inevitable return to the stage did occur Schwab announced “Stein’s Theme” and preceded the final song by speaking for a few minutes about the Mocha Club, a group the band is partnering to help get prostitutes off the streets of Ethiopia. Its nice to hear a band plugging such a ministry, and I’m looking forward to hearing more of Schwab’s insight in his book “Fame is Infamy”. The evening concluded with set staple “The Spy Hunter”, much to the crowd’s joy.


2 Comments on “Project 86/The Wedding, Columbus OH”

  1. danielznelson says:

    Nice blog, man! It’s interesting that Project 86 has basically maintained the same setlist for so long. I saw them a few months ago, and they played all of the songs you mentioned (along with a few more).

    • getterz says:

      thanks dude, although I’m actually phasing the music stuff into a new site, – this one will be more for personal anecdotes from now on 🙂 . Criticism on the new blog is appreciated as well!

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