Album Review: My Epic – “Yet”

My Epic is a band signed to Dreamt Music, an imprint of the hardcore label Facedown Records based in California. But for those looked to rock hard and have some fun while doing it be warned: My Epic take a much more introspective approach to music and a listen is more likely to leave one in a pensive rather than euphoric mood. This is hardly a bad thing though – the trio has a heart for the Lord and it shows.

“Yet” is 10 tracks of that are a mix of post-rock and post-hardcore, though you won’t find much in the way of screams or growls here. You will find a lot of passion, though. The record is bookended by “Author” and “Perfector”, appropriately paying homage to Christ just in the tracklist, as He is the Author and Perfector of our faith. The former is probably the closest one would get to rocking out, and the most passionate track comes forth in the form of “Lashes”, a remorseful look at the inside of a man’s heart, as he encounters the daily battle of purity. “I’ll catch up lovers in my wake that I’ll consume and throw away, ’cause there is no woman I could love more than myself…. That’s why I still sleep alone” Aaron wails. This, and undoubtedly many other literary moments shine as being relatable or capable of bringing one into worship. To expand much more would do My Epic an injustice; it makes more sense to just listen and see what journey their songs take you on…


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