The first of many countdowns…top music videos of 2010

10. Sent By Ravens – “New Fire”

Performance videos, while often overdone, can be effective when done right under a tight budget. This is one such example.

9. Civil Twilight “Letters From the Sky”

One of my favorite songs of the year, the video does a great job reflecting the chill, pensive mood of the song.

8. Fair – “Disappearing World”

This reminds of “Where the Wild Things Are” for some reason. Another melancholy track that is impossibly catchy.

7. Paper Route – “Gutter”

This song has a groove you can’t get out of your head…clever way to film as well.

6. Underoath – “In Division”

Proof that Aaron Gillespie does NOT equal the essence of Underoath. Like the underwater filming.

5. Anberlin – “Impossible”

Another song that is impossible for me to NOT rock out to when I hear it. The slow-mo that doesn’t end annoyed me at first, but grew on me…

4. Owl City – “Umbrella Beach”

very HAPPY song that is proof of why Owl City should have a career beyond “Fireflies”.

3. Abandon Kansas – “Close Your Eyes”

Favorite “band performance video” of the year. Especially like the cinematography with the carnival. The song that got me into this band.

2. The Devil Wears Prada – “Assistant To the Regional Manager”

Creepy…but well done. My most listened to song of the year.

1. Project 86 – “Destroyer”

Love the subliminal messages and overall theme of the video. Who do you belong to?


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