Brainstorming on the interwebz

So I’m about to live up to the “rambling” aspect of this blog and think (type) streams of consciousness regarding my vocational aspirations. I’m at a bit of a crossroads where its imperative that I start to narrow down on a new direction post-graduation, so here goes.

Right now, I’m working part time as an analyst at Fillmore Capital Partners, in Worthington, Ohio. Basically I do research, due diligence, and random administrative work for an investment firm that deals primarily with real estate and pension funds but is starting to expand to investing in growing/floundering businesses (there are a couple of really exciting projects going on right now but posting them online would be a terrible (and possibly illegal) idea, so I won’t go there).

So, I was pursuing actuarial science but TBH my heart wasn’t really in it…so I’m putting that on hold indefinitely.

What next? What can I pursue that fuses my love of trends (esp. in music, entertainment, social media, and technology), my ability to relate to a variety of people, and strong reasoning/writing skills?

Market Research seems to be the thing that keeps coming up. I think my ultimate goal would be to be part of a consulting firm that formulates business models for clients in the music industry. I would definitely emphasize the relational part of my business. Basically to do something like what this guy at Flux Research (wordpress is being dumb and won’t let me post the link!) does would be cool. How to get there?

Networking will be key. General experience in market research with social media and trend analysis will also be key. I need to be a force to be reckoned with. To do that I probably need to stay at Fillmore a few more months before moving on to another area firm. I am doing some consulting on the side already for my friend Andy Kramer’s band, Sighless Sunday…I could expand my platform and see what happens. No harm in trying, right? And of course the freelance music writing is a good networking tool, so I should keep on with that. Now is the time to experiment, when I’m young, single (learning to deal with that in a Godly manner…but thats a whole different topic :)) and still have relatively few financial responsibilities.

To be continued…

Leave a comment. Where are you in this process these days? We can give each other feedback!


One Comment on “Brainstorming on the interwebz”

  1. Bob Michny says:

    Just wanted to say, Great read

    Much appreciated! Enjoyed reading it. : )

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