Wheaton Snippets – Part 1

Well, I’ve written a bunch of heavy stuff on here lately, so here’s the first of many entries of lighter stuff. It’s been 4 years since my freshman year at Wheaton, so in this moment I thought I’d throw in some gems of quotes for your amusement and/or recollection, if you know me!

“Hey CHARLES! Can I GETZ some cheddar on RYe-ANd some soda?”
– Jimi S, Ben G, Joe O

“Nathan is hiding in fear” – Nathan Skinner’s facebook status after our floor’s collective birthday “surprise” and kidnapping of our floor’s Texas boy Adam Southern.

“Orphans are the new puppies, they’re awesome”
– Nick T.

“Heeey, what’s crack-a-lackin?”
-Alex S.

“It’s better to give than to receive, but its better to GETZ than to give!”
– Joe O.

“Aaron, stop yelling!”
– pretty much everyone at some point

Layton B: “So you’re a pirate all the time?”
Hal L: “Yep”
Layton B: “How about you only be a pirate on Thursdays?”
Hal L: “No”

(Shaking his head and grinning) “Ryan, there was NO EARTHQUAKE last night”
– John R, the morning after a 5.6 earthquake woke me up at 4 AM.

This is interactive, and I KNOW I forgot a lot, so feel free to leave a comment if you know me from Wheaton.


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