My point is that restlessness and discontentment can lead to change. They can inspire someone to wander, to travel, to go someplace else and find their Pimlico, or to plant themselves and work to change the place where they are already.

What I want to feel is Wanderlust, or a love for wandering. A love for change. The need to travel, and to find wonder in everyday life.

While I don’t really think of Wanderlust as being “romantic” like the above writer is, I can definitely relate.  Being in my position, it would have been so easy to be discontent with living at home after 4 years away at school, and yet embrace the introverted, timid part of myself and become a recluse rather than look for wonder in this new stage of life.  As I said in an earlier post, I’ve been learning to find fulfillment and healing in this time of transition through being outward focused.  As a friend recently told me, “When I find myself getting tense or anxious for no apparent reason, it usually means I need to get out there and serve somebody (paraphrased).”




Wheaton Snippets – Part 1

Well, I’ve written a bunch of heavy stuff on here lately, so here’s the first of many entries of lighter stuff. It’s been 4 years since my freshman year at Wheaton, so in this moment I thought I’d throw in some gems of quotes for your amusement and/or recollection, if you know me!

“Hey CHARLES! Can I GETZ some cheddar on RYe-ANd some soda?”
– Jimi S, Ben G, Joe O

“Nathan is hiding in fear” – Nathan Skinner’s facebook status after our floor’s collective birthday “surprise” and kidnapping of our floor’s Texas boy Adam Southern.

“Orphans are the new puppies, they’re awesome”
– Nick T.

“Heeey, what’s crack-a-lackin?”
-Alex S.

“It’s better to give than to receive, but its better to GETZ than to give!”
– Joe O.

“Aaron, stop yelling!”
– pretty much everyone at some point

Layton B: “So you’re a pirate all the time?”
Hal L: “Yep”
Layton B: “How about you only be a pirate on Thursdays?”
Hal L: “No”

(Shaking his head and grinning) “Ryan, there was NO EARTHQUAKE last night”
– John R, the morning after a 5.6 earthquake woke me up at 4 AM.

This is interactive, and I KNOW I forgot a lot, so feel free to leave a comment if you know me from Wheaton.

“Patience and Silence”

It’s been an interesting week. Work is speeding up, I’m getting new ideas about vocations, a lot of fun stuff has been going on, some past regrets have worried me a bit, and I’ve been thinking about the future a lot. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been enjoying myself a lot. God has definitely been reaching out to me a lot to encourage me, and He has been answering prayers to reveal Himself in new ways (more on that in a later post). Basically my mind has been racing a lot this week.

Maybe you can relate. Its September, so you are likely in some transition period right now (I think the beginning of the year ought to be now, not January). New school year, or else getting used to getting used to the “real world” like me. The band My Epic does a phenomenal job communicating these feelings and God’s response to this in their song “Patience and Silence.” Here are the lyrics:

I’ve never had the spine I lead them to believe, the devil born in me feeds me lies.
He creeps into my mind and spreads confusion until I’m left with fear of what could be and doubt of what has been.

Truth be told, I’d rather not know, it’s so much easier to quit, it’s just so easy not to care.
Truth be told, I’d rather not go, I want to run away and never come back again.

If all the world should come against me, I’d like to think that I could stand, but I’m not always sure that they don’t have Your hand.

You’re the only one to fear, because You’re the only one who loves me as I am.
You alone are my Defender. You alone will be my Judge.

I just need to remember that time you told me…
You’re the only one to fear. (Patience…) You’re the only one who loves me as I am. (Silence…) And You alone are my Defender. (Patience…) You alone will be my Judge. (Silence…)

Peace be still. Peace be still.